While watching the sun rise from the steps of Lincoln Memorial and letting her mind wander one early April morning, it occurred to LRJ‘s founder that balance was everything. She realized that if anything in her life taught her something worth telling others about it was the power of determination coupled with balance. She’s met and heard people make claims left and right about who they are. But beyond the outset, those people were not who they claimed to be. She realized, who one actually is, is defined not by what one wants. Rather, it is determined and defined by our resolve to maintain our perseverance to each and every objective while simultaneously maintaining symmetry in all facets of life. As she remembered how difficult it was when first starting out and her search for resources to assist in keeping check on both ends came empty handed, La Rue Jacob was founded soon thereafter in April of 2012.

At La Rue Jacob we believe you can have it all. You know that you want it all. The world expects you to have it all. But somehow on your destination called life things don’t always tapper out the way you’d like them to, whether because the universe doesn’t want them to just yet or, simply, by accident. And though we find that there is something beautiful and almost brilliant when the universe steps in and pulls the floor from under us, we are firm believers that getting right back up and healed is equally as important. In taking your first steps you cannot expect yourself to have everything sorted, in place and centered, from your health, to your knowledge, to keeping your wardrobe in tip-top shape while simultaneously blazing a career trail. Nonetheless, at LRJ we have conviction in the principle, when there is a want there is a how; it’s all a matter of finding your balance.

We remember what it was like when we were just starting out. And because of that, we know it is not an easy task. Our missionguiding you in finding your balance—is inspired by and motivated from our experiences when we first started. We are unlike others that proclaim to be your “one and only source” on a specific subject and have the proclivity to articulate from a narrow perspective, with words that give way to partial conclusions. Our content, thoroughly researched and well understood, with all factors and participants accounted for, are more than just articles feeding out information. Written, sans straw-man arguments, with an appeal to reason rather than an appeal to conscience, emotion or authority, they are conversations that inspire and empower you to find your balance, and motivate you to take action while remaining true to who you are!